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#13430923 Sep 08, 2017 at 10:18 AM
Hello - name's Gromkek, Orc Hunter looking for a good group of folks to help out as needed and socialize with. I recall seeing your guild around for years and after reading your introduction and history here on the site, thought I'd put my name in the hat to join. (FYI, your "Hello and welcome" link to "our history and expectations" is missing a colon and throws a DNS error without it; a common mistake among your average wombat fanatic...)

Not new to the game, played off and on since vanilla. Always been at Cenarion Circle, mostly as alliance but the past year or so I've been full Horde since the maturity levels are a bit higher at team red. Back in vanilla didn't do much other than jump around in UBRS with a small family guild. Didn't hit my stride until TBC when I was in Ergo Bibamus as one of the primary raid hunters/pullers. Once the guild leader and main tank left the game, things dissipated and people went their own ways. Bounced around trying to find a place with other groups (Order of Sinfonia for most of the expansions) but never was quite the same. Since then have been solo running Horde side thanks to LFR and custom LFG for Mythics, Legacy fun, etc.

Want to also note that my hours of play are a little different than most. I work at home and during downtime I jump on to LFR, world quest, mythic runs and what not. This is the bulk of my play time, standing in Dalaran during work hours and rolling the chair between work and play computers. Evenings and weekends I'll be around on occasion after dinner while the wife does other things but these are shorter sessions. If membership requires sticking to a strict attendance schedule, I will definitely not be a good fit.

Now on to the juicy bits:
1) True or False: Cats better than dogs.
Definitely true, if I claimed otherwise our cat would take me out in a heartbeat.

2) True or False: The Paladin class mount needs more sparkle.
True, could use a little attention from a Bedazzler and a couple buckets of glitter. If Blizz is going to do something they should do it 100%.

3) True or False: Rogues should be nerfed. Into the dirt.
True, nothing's worse than seeing a Rogue topping the meters.

4) Playing a Warlock requires skill.
False, they're all asleep at the keyboard and their cats' tails are driving all movement/casting. (Full disclosure: I really have no idea but wanted to mix things up a bit, no one likes four true responses in a row.)

Anyhow, look forward to chatting or at the very least reading the (hopefully humorous) rejection response-

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#13467678 Oct 03, 2017 at 05:29 PM · Edited 2 years ago
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Hello Gromkek,

I'm incredibly sorry and embarrassed - I saw your post while I was on vacation and completely forgot about getting in touch with you.

If you're still interested please look for me on Arizza and we can talk (I'll also keep an eye out for you).


And I'll try to fix that link, lol.
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