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We do not become above reproach by becoming members of the Order; ideally we recruit members to the Order because their behavior is above reproach.

The Order has a long tradition and positive reputation on Cenarion Circle for being a courteous, helpful presence. In order to continue that tradition and to maintain our good public standing we abide by the following rules and guidelines. They are designed to provide limits for members to observe even when the heat of the moment makes us want to behave differently. We post them all up front because we feel making our expectations clear reduces the odds anyone will find themselves having an uncomfortable private conversation with an officer.

The Order recruits based on the character of the player not their skill or the class they play.

We ask that our members

  • not disrupt, troll or otherwise cause grief to roleplayers
  • not contribute filth to the cesspool of trade chat
  • not intentionally disrupt random groups for your own amusement
  • DO treat others with the same courtesy and respect you would expect your friends, your guildmates or yourself be treated with.

Regarding Roleplay:
Order of the Ebon Shield is not a roleplay guild; it is however home to people who have been long term members of the roleplay community. Like it or not, participate or not, Cenarion Circle is a roleplay server and we are respectful of those who do. We do not grief role players. We do not mock or ridicule role players in guild or public channels. We do not maliciously invade RP events or otherwise disrupt roleplayer immersion. We are not asking you to significantly alter your game play; we are asking that you be mindful of the impact you may have on others when out and about in the World.

Guild Chat and Guild Vent:
The Order is home to people from all age groups, genders and belief systems. We ask that everyone be respectful of others by keeping both language and subject matter to a PG-13 level. There are many forums available on the internet to participate in religious, political or social commentary or debate; guild chat and guild vent are not an appropriate venue. As such these topics need to be kept to a minimum if not avoided altogether. We also encourage everyone to express themselves using complete words; minimizing or avoiding “leet speak” all together makes you easier to understand and is appreciated.

Our members are not required to have an authenticator however we do require that you have one in place to be promoted to a rank with any meaningful access to the guild bank or funds. We hope you’ll understand that it’s nothing personal, the rule was put in place for the protection of the entire guild. Hackings can happen to the best of us and while the ravaging of the guild bank is reversible it creates headaches and work for all involved.

Some thoughts on random groups:
1. Treat randoms with the same tolerance and respect that you would want them to extend to you.
This means that you do not become outraged by a single screw up, or even a handful of mistakes by the random player. Every player in the Order has made mistakes and if you would not yell at a guild mate who made the error you should not yell at the random. Vote kicking is a last resort not a first response.

2. Try to help before trying to punish.
If someone makes an error, explain the mechanic they are misunderstanding in a polite and friendly manner. Don’t instantly vote-kick them and don’t angrily berate them. Try to phrase your explanation the way you would prefer someone explain it to you. “Fire is bad m’kay?” is insulting. It may work with your friends who understand that you are trying to be funny, but to a stranger it will come across as nasty.

3. Chat comments tend to appear more hostile than you meant them.
Brief comments in chat by their nature sound curt. Because a person who has made a mistake is probably feeling defensive already, you should be aware that your comment likely will seem harsher to the reader than it did in your head. Accordingly, you should try and smooth over the harshness and be tolerant if the person addressed becomes defensive.

4. Vote Kicking is a last resort.
Vote kicks should only be used to remove people who are actually spoiling your run. If the person is behaving badly--making nasty comments, looting in some inappropriate way, or deliberately trying to sabotage the run--kick away. If the person is simply underperforming or makes mistakes you should only kick them if the run is actually threatened by the performance and only after allowing them a chance to improve (see 2 above) before being kicked.
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