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If you're here because you’re interested in becoming a member of the Order of the Ebon Shield, here are a few things you’ll want to know.

• Yes, we are recruiting active players of legal age, with characters of any class, skill or experience level.

• We set high standards for our members. That we’ve made it pretty easy to join the guild does not reflect a lowering of those standards. It just means that we’re giving you an opportunity to test drive the guild and for us to get to know you before either of us makes a decision.

• Put your best foot forward on your application. Spelling, grammar, and post content say a lot about a person, though they aren't deal-breakers.

• Yes, we do seem to have a lot of rules but most of them can be summarized as don’t be a jerk. We post them all because we feel that making our expectations clear reduces the odds anyone will find themselves having an uncomfortable private conversation with an officer or the guild leader. And yes, people really do create characters just to tattle on someone being a jerk in LFR.

• If your character is lower level we may not be able to supply much in the way of a questing or dungeoning buddy. The majority of our current members have been playing for many years; we’re simply out of low level characters and the slots to make more. We do have a wealth of knowledge about the game we’re more than happy to share so don’t hesitate to ask.

Raiding and the OES.
Yes, we do have a raid group (that is currently on hiatus) and historically it’s a pretty good one.
This does NOT mean that you need to look elsewhere if you want to raid, it simply means that at this stage of the expansion we do not have an active raid group - but that can change.
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If you’re still interested in joining after reading all of this and our history and expectations your next step is to let us know.

Yes, it does look like we have a bunch of rules, but we're really not that hardcore.
Most of our rules and expectations can be summarized as don’t be a jerk. We've just learned that it's best to make our expectations clear up front (and some of us can be pretty verbose).

If you’re currently unguilded you can locate us in the guild finder window by scrolling until you find us and hitting the “Request Membership” button. An officer will get back to you within a couple of days to confirm your interest, go over the ground rules and issue an invite.

Or, you can contact anyone in guild and ask to speak to Arizza or another officer.
(If you previously expressed an interest via the Guild Finder panel and didn’t get a response, please check back. There was some confusion and you were probably overlooked.)

To post your application please create a new thread in this forum, by clicking the "add thread" button. We don’t require a specific format but please include the following:
- Post an introduction, tell us a little about yourself and why you're interested in joining the Order.
- Are you new to the game? Realm? Faction? Be sure to mention any references if you have them.
- If your forum name is not the same as your in-game name, please state that.
- Please include the word "wombat" in your application. Yes, I'm serious.

Answer the following:
1) True or False: Cats better than dogs.
2) True or False: The Paladin class mount needs more sparkle.
3) True or False: Rogues should be nerfed. Into the dirt.
4) Playing a Warlock requires skill.

After that, be patient. We're not hardcore and online all the time and can't reply to posts at a moment's notice.
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